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The Società Agricola Innovative Le Gravine S.r.l., (hereinafter referred to as Le Gravine), collects some Personal Data from its Users.

We are well aware, in fact, that if we betray your trust we lose any chance of keeping you as a customer. Nothing matters more to us.

  • We don't sell our customers' personal information or share it with others. Not under any circumstances, or for any price.
  • We protect your personal information with the latest technology. The most important databases have been physically blocked from any exterior access.
  • We use your personal information to fulfill your orders and offer you the best possible service, not for anything else.

Below are all our privacy policy details. If you need more information, please contact us.


Società Agricola Innovativa Le Gravine S.r.l. gathers information about its customers in three ways:

  • By using the registration form and other forms (for example, questionnaires, judgments and comments on products, etc.) that customers complete spontaneously and openly. These data are sometimes necessary to be able to fulfill orders; at other times they make it easier for us to offer you a more personalized service.
  • By using the data supplied in answer to emails and direct communication that we occasionally send to our registered customers.


Le Gravine uses an unlimited-time “cookie” to recognize customers when they enter the site, enabling us to instantly offer you a personalized experience. The Le Gravine “cookie” can be cancelled by following the normal procedure incorporated in the latest browsers – however, we don't recommend you doing this, because it reduces our ability to provide you with the best service. In addition to the “cookie” described above, Le Gravine sometimes uses other temporary “cookies” that allow us to manage user sessions better (for example during the payment process). Disabling the “cookies” in the browser can compromise some functionality, including the technical capability to accept customer orders.


The personal information we collect is used for two main purposes: to carry out your purchase orders and to offer you products and services that are better suited to your needs, interests and expectations. Our personalized offers are generated from statistical and mathematical calculations, which are becoming ever more sophisticated and precise with time. In addition to this, the communications we maintain with individual customers may include offers defined by employees whose job it is to create offers and manage our catalogue. Since all this is done with complete respect for privacy and at no risk to the customer, visiting Le Gravine occasionally and checking your email is an easy and free way to a better shopping experience.


Le Gravine does not, under any circumstances, share customers' personal data with third parties. In other words, no one who is not employed by Le Gravine can gain access to customers' details, data relating to habits and preferences, or any other personal information. Le Gravine may sometimes release analyses and aggregate data to the public, but this will always be data that does not allow a third party to identify any individual customer. For example, we may state that 20% of our customers live in Milan, but we will never reveal any individual's name or address. This policy gives you a 100% guarantee that Le Gravine will never release your personal information to the public.


You can view and edit your personal details by logging into My Account and following the video instructions. You may also, if you wish, ask us to cancel your account completely, but you will then be unable to make any further orders unless you register with us again. Data collected from log-ins and emails cannot be accessed directly by customers, and cannot be cancelled on request for technical and security reasons: Le Gravine is obliged to submit the internet trails left by users to a competent authority if requested. However, if you wish, you can choose not to receive targeted offers by entering your preference in My Le Gravine in the “Newsletter Options” section. You can also ask us to cancel your account completely by writing to us. Remember that you will then be unable to order from us again unless you re-register.


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