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To ensure the highest quality of our products we have designed a special thermal packaging, capable of keeping Le Gravine products fresh, to ensure that our delicacies reach their destination as fresh as when they come out of the fridge.


To allow you to taste the excellence of all our products, we have designed a unique packaging system. After receipt of the order and confirmation by e-mail, the products are chosen, which are stored in our special containers, made of isothermal polystyrene, which use ice gel for refrigeration, when required by the products. This refrigerant, thanks to its thermoregulation characteristics, allows the product to maintain a temperature between 4-7 ° C that does not alter the degree of freshness, flavors and odors. In addition it is reusable and ecologically disposable.


The packaging of our goods will follow a process that we have specifically designed, so that our products reach you ensuring you the highest quality and freshness. The process is divided into 4 phases: Preparation, Polystyrene canning with ice gel, Carton coating finally Delivery and Disposal.


The products you have chosen will be carefully selected, their goodness and authenticity will be checked, which corresponds to that of Le Gravine products as you can find them in our stores.

Boxing polystyrene with gel ice

The first phase of the packaging consists in packing the ordered goods in a polystyrene container that carries within it the ice gel with food.

The hermetic closure creates a constant refrigerated thermal environment, at a temperature between 4° C and 7° C that will guarantee the freshness of the food and the cold chain, as if they were kept in the fridge.

Cardboard coating

The final packaging will consist of a cardboard box in which the polystyrene container is placed with the food.

An isothermal container in polystyrene to guarantee an unchanged freshness

Delivery and Disposal

Finally the product is ready for shipment and will arrive at your home according to the times indicated in our shipping calendar, good and ready to be consumed. Once the food has been extracted from the refrigerated packaging, the various packaging elements (polystyrene and ice gel) must be disposed of as normal urban solid waste, in the absence of specific rules of the municipality of residence and the cardboard box will be disposed of in the paper.

Remember that the ice gel is reusable, just wet it for at least 20 minutes in water and place it in the freezer in your home for at least 24 hours.